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I am sure this is asked before but typing poll in the search gives no answer to side menu poll.
I am wanting to create side bar poll as we have political questions I need put where people can see them.
I cant use widget frame work as it does not work well with some of my addons.
Any ideas how to do this, I really need this option for my side as hiding polls in a forum do not work well.

Thank You


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Yep and still got no answer there :)
So rephrased the question maybe people didnt get what I was asking.
I use this poll option on SMF software I have, boggles me a bit that its not an option or and addon here.
You would think it would be a core item as having it in a forum is not that convenient and people hunt to
find one a side poll for site owners sure could add feedback for the sites.


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OK I'll bite what Addon was it that it required hehe. :)
I know you put that in many of your responses Brogan and its appreciated but I know it needs
something I am not aware of . hehe.

But was hoping some knew " what addons would work" .
My last post was 2 weeks ago so waited awhile and thought maybe it was worded wrong.

I mean don't you think Brogan in todays forum world a poll on the side is not a weird thing to have?
The lack of responses to it is puzzling, as allot of sites I am members at and visit use a side poll.

Oh well. You can delete one of these if you want Brogan seem this will be a dead issues at least for the time
being as there is no interest at least for now to have it. Or sure it would have been here by now at the least as an

Thanks :)


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Ok cool , hey Chris thanks for checking that all out for me, I would use the frame work but a few recent addons
are not compatible with WF. I know I want my cake and eat it too it might seem, but the addons help promote the site
as would a poll. So rock and hard place. Again thank you :)


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When I post that an add-on is required it means it's not possible in the core without an add-on or custom development.

If I am aware of an add-on which will do that I will generally post a link to it.
As I only use two third party add-ons though, I am not familiar with most published resources.

Therefore it means doing a bit of searching yourself to determine if an add-on exists.
If not, you can then explore the possibility of having a custom add-on developed to fit your needs.