Side column blocks


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Take a look at this...

We're currently restarting our web forum, and while it's quiet I'm limiting the general chatter to one forum which is the first thing that members see when they log in. It's boosted activity slightly due to the immediacy of it. I've also added a side column thanks to VBAdvanced, along with some custom blocks.

Will there be a way of adding side column blocks to XF? Seeing as we have them on the front page? Are these able to be deployed anywhere as I'd like them to work more or less site-wide?


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Thanks Brogan :)

Then all I will need is to be able to create custom side blocks, and a sideblock with latest posts (and a VB3 style postbit ;) )


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Like this Brogan...

It seems to work better with that style of postbit if you have a column on the left.
Ah, gotcha!

I have to say I've never been a fan of having the member data above each post, it interrupts the flow of the thread in my opinion, in much the same way huge signatures with images do.

Still, everyone's different so I suspect a few simple template edits will achieve that without too much trouble.