Showcase your RM installation

Brandon Sheley

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great thread, I've been interested to see what others have done with it as well.
I have a copy but haven't installed it yet, waiting on my skin to be updated so I can update xf first.


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I'm creating RM Articles which you can see on my test install here:

I saw the potential for the RM to be an AM! straight away when it first came out over a year ago. I rremember posting in a mockup here somewhere back then.

The main issue is getting multiple page articles. but with a bit of genius from a certain well known developer, we're almost there. Currently untangling navigation between the article pages.
(The dev is being shy until the RM Articles is done. I'll patch .the name in later when he lets me!

RM Articles means some template tweaks, one tiny change to a php file and a LOT of phrase edits.
I'm really pleased with the result so far. More on the way.

Discussion and progress reports here


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Since its been released almost an week now, im curious to see how everyone setup their RM. We are still working on ours but I will edit this and place a link showing it off shortly! :)


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I've mostly seen how the resource manager is used on this site- but how is the resource manger used on other sites?

What types of files do you have there?

Is there a way to monetize the resource manger for the forums? I guess make it that only a paid upgrade user can upload resources?


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oh wow it's only a week old. I didn't know that.

So it's almost like a classified section? (I saw one example had a services offered section) That could actually be very useful for my forums. (which i'm in the process of moving over to XenForo)

Are people adding a subscription fee to be a certain level of user in order to upload or add to the resources?


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Jealous - we're still coding and tweaking. Still I should be able to transfer existing content on my first site by end of this week I think.
I just have a lot of spare time on my days off from work, so set about moving all the stuff in a couple of afternoons.

Robert F Schmitz

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Got all of the forums and categories set up for this site. Now in the process of moving items over to the RM. Although one can't use prefixes directly, being able to assign a category to a prefix in a forum is very helpful.