Show usergroup instead of trophy name


With Admin CP -> Appearance -> Style Properties -> Message Elements
you can add fields to the left side of the post .
Standard it shows only the trophy usertitle

Instead of the trophy usertitle I would like to show the usergroupname.
Is there an option in the Admin CP for this ?


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I'm not sure if we actually even expose that anywhere other than the admin CP, so there's no option for that.


I'm running a magician's forum and I've 2 usergroups.
1. Laymen (no access to the secured forum, only open forum)
2. Magicians (access to open and secured forum)

Instead of the trophy title, I want to display Laymen or Magicians

When you edit a usergroup, you can overwrite the usertitle. Isn't this used anywhere on the forum ?
I would have expected that you could use these at the left side of the post.
Is there a work-around ?