XF 2.1 Show user first name in post bit

Phil Dart

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Apologies if this has been asked a dozen times before, but if it has, I haven't been able to track down an answer.

My forum has very recently migrated from vB, and members are used to seeing others members' first names in the post bit. Is there a way to show that on XF too I wonder? I don't want to replace the username, I want to show the first name in addition to it, given that every member is required to give their first name when they register, so the data is already there.
Thank you @Brogan. You're right, it turns out to be a custom field. Until now I'd assumed that the First Name field in the registration was a standard XF thing - I didn't appreciate it's a custom field brought over from vB.

So... I've got my head around custom fields and allowing them in the post bit, and the problem is solved.

Thanks once again.
@Brogan to the rescue once more... I wonder if I can tempt him into maintaining and enhancing my site at the wondrous price of free. Of course, he WOULD have an absolute asswipe to have to deal with. :ROFLMAO:
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