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Thanks, I always try to do something unique to my forums, my vBulletin is even more different.
The Avatar blocks are just images, I didn't like the default colors, so I just made them to match the site.
I meant creating the actual code/script to make the blocks happen :D

The images are cool too though ;)
Oh very nice! And you have your message count and join date in the postbit without ruining the "simplicity" of the layout.
I like the Highest posting members and New members blocks.

VERY good!

Thanks, looks better when logged in though, but I'm still working on the design.
So, finally had some time to play around a little with the style options in XF.

Eventually we will migrate our current motorsport community to xenforo but not until its out of beta of course. I have used our sister community PlayDepartment to try to copy the style and play around with a demo install of xenforo

Here is the original RaceDepartment Style in vBulletin... And this is how it looks on xenForo.. Can't seem to find a way to replace the gradients properly in the navbar, but that will come for sure. Good stuff so far XF!!!!
Your vB style is looking very very sharp on XF!
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