Show the sidebar in a page exactly like in the forum home

I've been searching a bit for this information, I'm creating a new node page and I'd like to show the sidebar with all the information I have in the forum home.

I used the sidebar tag, but it shows only the ad and not the other things (like the users online and other add-ons like the chat).
Sidebar content
Is there a way to set the type of the page to use the standard sidebar, or must I add manually all the things?


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The data from the forum home page isn't exposed to be used on other pages so you will need an add-on to achieve that.

Using the sidebar tags just inserts an empty sidebar; you then need to populate it with content and/or templates.


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Brogan my sidebar isn't completely empty.
I get the section with the user avatar at the top plus the searchbox.

Nomed to get you started the way I did it was to make a new template.
Not difficult - button top right of the Appearances/ Templates page.
I named it nodemenu because it is mainly a node hierarchy menu.

In my nodemenu template I have

Rich (BB code):
<div class="section" align="center">
<div class="secondaryContent" style="background: #ffffff">
That makes it display in the same white block as the blocks on the front page.

There is then quite a lot of different templates to add it to - depends how widely you want it to display. Link in my sig though I confess I found a few more than is listed there.
Also an addon that creates blocks for you see my sig. I found that a bit complicated for my needs.