XF 1.5 Show the forum description in a tooltip class code...


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Using XF 1.5.11
I'm trying to place the forum description in a tooltip like so:


I'm using the following code:
<a href="{xen:link forums/create-thread, $forum}" class="Tooltip" title="{xen:raw $forum.description}"><h3 class="createThreadGlobal nodeTitle nodeIsForum">{$forum.title}</h3></a>

This code worked just fine in XF 1.5.9 but doesn't seem to work in the current release.
Can someone please suggest a code that will show the forum description in a tooltip class please?



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I don't believe that anything has changed in this area since then. Can you show a demo URL?

On a side note, you shouldn't use {xen:raw} here. This tooltip approach also only works if you only use text in the forum description; if you use HTML you generally need a different approach (or you may be able to allow it with another flag; I'm not positive off hand).