Not planned Show only unread watched threads rather than all of them

Chris D

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With that in mind, I'll call this "Not planned".

It's best to consider the "Watched x" pages as mostly being about management of watched content, now, rather than using it as a new content discovery tool (which is what New posts / What's new is).


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We had a few users request the same thing (mainly because it's what they were used to from XF1).

Is it possible to add a navigation link to a specific filter as that would resolve the issue?

i.e. We'd add a "Watched and Unread" link to the nav and link it to posts filtered by unread and watched.


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The navigation currently uses stuff like {{ link('watched/threads') }}

Would I just add something like {{ link('posts/?watched=1&unread=1') }} then?


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Thank you for the link although IMHO it feels like a workaround.

If the watched posts page is mostly about "management of watched content" now and not a "new content discovery tool" then I think that should get a prominent link in the navigation.

(What I'd actually prefer is an "unread" filter on as originally suggested because that's also what users migrating from vBulletin are used to.)