XF 1.5 Show only featured threads to guests

Hello house. I need to pull traffic to my site by allowing guests to see only the featured posts thread on homepage (am using CTA Featured) but when they click to visit the page to be asked to register to view the thread. I have tried setting permissions but maybe I haven't done it well.

Here is the link to my forum timesinabroad.com

I need help to accomplish this. Thanks

Chris D

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You would need to revoke the "View thread content" permission for guests, but depending on how the FT add-on's permissions works, it may well actually prevent the featured threads from displaying at all.


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This is really a question for the Featured Threads add-on discussion thread which is here:


Any further questions should be asked there.

However, I will say that the Featured Threads on the portal page respect XenForo permissions, so if you want guests to see any that are posted on that, they will have to be from threads that are visible to guests. For threads which are only visible to members, only they will be able to see the featured threads on the portal page.