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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Show deleted - Show a list of soft deleted posts and threads and provides option to view or delete them.


When a user deletes a post or thread, that's called a soft delete. Soft deletes allow the administrator to review deleted content to determine if it needs to be restored or physically deleted.

This add-on was created to quickly display soft deleted posts and threads and to allow the Admin to quickly physically delete them.

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Mr Lucky

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Really useful.

However I am getting some dead links in the list of deleted:

I get Oops. Page not found... in some of them


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@AndyB Why I am getting error after clicking Delete XXX posts /posts/deletecontent?type=posts , I have set permission View deleted threads / posts.

Oops! We ran into some problems.
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Anthony Parsons

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Testing this out, I keep getting this error on the frontend, yet no error logged. It won't go past a certain post number to delete, even though there are still 133 posts to delete.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 6.02.05 pm.png


I like it, but the number column is kinda useless. I would prefer to see the thread or post title instead of the number.

Hristo Avramov

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Cool mod, I just wonder why I always select in xenforo hard delete but I end up finding these posts later again just soft deleted. That's without the mod with stock xenforo if I have to be exact.