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Ive noticed this has become a big deal , It would be alswome if there was a built in shout box , make it Ajax or something pro , it would still be nice. We have over 15 members online it would be nice if we could chat to spare time. Or There could be Shoutbox Mod addons . So we can edit it and make it more appealing with more features. And I think you should add a feature where you can take of the side bar and leave the stats at the bottom of the forums or make the forum text a little larger, Plus with description the forums would look bad.

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The only scalable shoutbox i can think of is flash + sockets or java, an html + ajax shoutbox just isn't worth it. It's better as an addon also :)


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The only scalable shoutbox i can think of is flash + sockets or java, an html + ajax shoutbox just isn't worth it. It's better as an addon also :)
Would agree, not all sites want a shoutbox so why have to turn off yet another option.

I would imagine someone will make a shoutbox pretty quickly :)


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If you want to ruin your server performance, yes... use a shoutbox. :)
I never understood the usability of such option/product.


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I can't really ever see this being a standard feature. It can be a forum killer - but also, it becomes a mess to manage, once forum members start flaming and shouting.


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Definitely a feature that shouldn't be included into any core product and best suited as an add-on created by one of the community members. I feel the resources at hand are better spent on features that will be used by the masses.


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I also think this is better suited as an addon.

It would be interesting to see a shoutbox made with HTML5's sockets...


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I can understand the use of a chatbox, but a shoutbox? I always get the feeling it's a nice gadget for 13-year olds and that's it. :rolleyes:


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Dumb question, but this always seemed to be a "tail wagging the dog" implementation:
  • When a user users loads the Shoutbox, it hits the MySQL database. Number and frequency of queries goes up as number of viewers increases.
Why isn't the Shoutbox coming from a file cache that is refreshed from the MySQL database on a fixed interval? Then you would have a fixed number and frequency of queries regardless of number of viewers.

As for chatting, find a friendly IRC network + free pjIRC web java client. Flash chat doesn't scale well, and other chat options are absurdly expensive.

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Should not be core, definitely. Even if it defaulted off, it would be a waste of file-storage and DB space, not to mention the developers' time, IMHO.

Going to sound like a broken record in this thread, but it should be an add-on.