Should you purchase your digital goods with a credit card (and not paypal)

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People should note:
If you purchase a forum software package with Paypal, if you want your money back, Paypal won't help you.
A recent forum member here purchase IP.Nexus and wanted his money back and Paypal rejected the claim outright as the purchase was not a physical item, but was downloaded software.

Is Xenforo is purchasable via a Credit Card. Is IPB ? Is vBulletin ? pay.options.Xenforo.jpg

Might be a good idea to purchase with a Credit Card under certain circumstances.
That is literally the exact opposite experience I've had (and I'm sure other premium addon developers will agree) with paypal for selling digital goods.

It's nigh on impossible to get them to side with the seller no matter what you reply to claims.
Only use PayPal under duress, when it is the only payment method available.

Among the credit cards, American Express is the most aggressively on the consumer's side.
I would only use PayPal for online purchases where allowed. I wouldn't want to give an unknown company my credit card or debit card number.
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