XF 1.4 Should I upgrade to MySQL 5.7 ?

Recep Baltaş

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We just have Wordpress 4.0 and Xenforo 1.4.2 runnig on our server. Should ve upgrade to MySQL 5.7 ? It it compatible ? Do you suggest that ?



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Do you need to upgrade to MySQL 5.7? If not, then as long as your version meets the minimum requirements of Wordpress and XenForo then you may as well stick with what you have got.


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Bahh... I migrated to MariaDB using cPanel's tool in WHM last year as they stated it was considered an upgrade, and now they say MySQL has caught up again. :confused:


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Likewise, if it's working well though I'm not going to mess with it. It's good that MariaDB gave Oracle a kick up the backside to catch up. Hopefully both will advance at a decent rate now.