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We have a website which receives 20K-30K unique visitors every day (100 live users at any given time) It is hosted on a HostGator shared server. We have never had any serious problems these two years and the admins are extremely useful and friendly.

We have decided to create a subdomain on our site where the forum based on XenForo will be, like

During the first months, we do not expect to get more than a few thousands posts and we expect the peak of users at the same time to be around 30. Will the shared server be enough?

Of course, if the forum increases we will update to a VPS, but for the moment we do not want to update.


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A few thousand posts over a few months doesn't seem particularly hefty though it's likely to be more about the concurrent users. My gut is that your requirements don't sound unreasonable for a shared server, but it's really down to what your particular host thinks is acceptable usage limits; every host will differ and some are more stringent than others.
The website is extremely optimized. We have enabled caching alongside Cloudflare. How much memory and RAM would be needed for 10-30 live visitors? And how much space would a thread with 10 posts take?

Thank you for your response. We have used the demo for two days and have to say we are pleased with the options.

Mike Edge

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You'll be fine. We host clients with millions of posts and 600 - 2000 users online per last 15 minutes using our shared servers. Honestly the debate enterprise level hardware shared hosting vs VPS debate is just a matter of personal opinion.