XF 2.0 Shared IPs check limit ??


On the "Spam Management" page there is a setting "Shared IPs check limit", but I'm not sure what this controls.

Is there a feature that checks IPs to see if they're being shared by other members? I'm unaware of any alerts that indicate a member has the same IP as another member.

Any help would be appreciated.


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When checking for other users having used the same IP addresses, this control limits the search to the last X days
If you do a search for a user from the AdminCP, you will see several tabs including one called IP addresses, which lists those used by that member:


Now if you click on "More users" it will show you a list of other members who have visited from the same IP within the last X days.

I believe that's what the setting controls.


On my site Shared IPs check limit = 30 days

I don't think that's related to the "More Users" link. When I click that link I see uses listed where the IP was recorded many months ago.