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I have no idea what to call this. So I will share my idea with everyone, and... well I guess that is all lol. If someone could possible tell me if this is a big job or a small job, that would also be great. I will explain a bit about the idea behind it so you all know why it exists.

Donations to the site
Those of us who are lucky enough to run a community where users are happy may get users asking to donate money to the site. My users ask for this a lot, but I am of the opinion that the site relies on users in order to exist. I do not believe it is right for ALL of the donations to go just to me. This is important, because I think the only people who will use this addon will be users who *would* normally donate to the site.

Account Upgrades
I leave all major functions open and free. There are some things that are pointless that some users may wish to purchase. Signatures, Animated Avatars, Ability to change username, etc.

My users write a lot of good quality content. This helps with ranking well in Google, and also gives my website a really good base for visitors to get their hands on good information. The more good information there is, the better.

So, this is where all of these weave together. There are 3 parts to the addon
  • Credit System ( bdBank)
  • Shop System ( no idea yet, but a shop where users can use the credits from bdBank to purchase upgrades for their account )
  • Like System ( Post Ratings )
So, the bank is not used as a system where the users activity gives them points. The bank is there simply to allow users to purchase (through paypal) credits in exchange for money. For the sake of the example, we will make it 1 credit = $1. If a users pays $50, they get 50 credits.

The credits can then be used to purchase account upgrades (such as a signature, animated avatar, bigger inbox, etc). However, the credits can also be used to entice other users to post quality content.

There can be a button on the Post Ratings bar called "gold". This button, when clicked, takes credits out of the users account and automatically transfers them to the OP's account. The amount taken out is defined in the admin panel. So as an example if "John" makes a post with great content, I can click the "Gold" button (next to the Like button) and it will take "x" amount of credits out of my account and add it to his.

If clicking the "gold" button takes 1 credit, it will deduct 1 credit from my account and add it into his account. However, if 10 users "gold" John's post, he will gain 10 credits. That means from that single post, he made $10. John can then use that $10 to buy account upgrades.

However, he can also cash out. He can literally go into his control panel, and cash out the credits in his account in exchange for cash. But because this is a shared donations system, there is a fee (also set in the admin panel). So if he has managed to accumulate $50 in his account, the website can take a 50% cash out fee.

This means $25 is transferred into John's paypal account, and the website keeps the other $25.

This is what I would call users donating to both the site and the content creators. If users cash out, the website will always get the fee (I will be charging 50%). So even though the money always sits in the website owners paypal account, he will always be guaranteed 50% of it. If users buy account upgrades and never cash out, the website gets 100% of the money.

Basically this addon will be an addon that ties post ratings and bd banking together.

Just a thought...