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Most of the searches on XenForo result in URLs that can be shared, e.g.,

This allows someone else to click the link above and have the search run again so they can view the results. Without it, this link would be shared and inaccessible by others, as expected:

The query string was overlooked when it comes to the search result links on profile pages, which leads to links that cannot be shared. Examples:
  • "Find all content by NamePros"
  • "Find all threads by NamePros"
Yes, the links prior to clicking them can be shared, but very few users realize that. Most users click the link and then copy the URL from their address bar, which is inaccessible due to the lack of query string.

This causes a lot of confusion for some users.
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We only consider keyword based searches to be shareable, so this is really expected. The examples URLs given don't necessarily have direct equivalents in the search form (for example, limiting to threads, though it is possible in a different manner). In a sense, these are sort of searches for technical reasons.

As such, it's generally as expected/designed. I can move this to suggestions if preferred though.
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