Several anti-spam related suggestions

Stuart Wright

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Well it's been a while since Xenforo fell short of having the tools I need to manage the forum, but today I have been frustrated.
So we have had over 100 accounts created in December 2019 (over a month ago) which have been dormant until today.
Today they started posting spam conversations to members.
Fortunately Akismet put the conversation messages in the moderation queue and we are able to spam clean them.

All the spam registrations have something in common. They all have
What I need to do is find all the users matching the above and spam clean them all.
The best option would be to batch update users, but the location and DOB fields are not in the search criteria and neither is the registration country of origin.
So I have to search for the users based on their registration date range and @aol email address, check their birth date and because I can't even spam clean from the user edit page, I have to open their public profile and spam clean them there.
Very frustrating.

So please add these fields to the user search facility (which works in normal user search and batch update):
  • registration country code
  • location
  • DOB range
Please add a spam clean facility to
  • the user edit page
  • batch update user page
Thank you (y)
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It has often annoyed me that it was not possible to search for users by:
  • Date of birth range
  • country
  • location
  • Homepage
  • Custom Title
  • Change log data (previous names, email, etc
  • ASN
This would be so useful in many situations. Spam being the prime example, but also for multiple accounts or lost account requests. Another example: I got hit by a DDoS from a specific ASN which has hundreds of IPs. It would be useful to check which accounts have used that ASN. I can only check IP's. Not ASN.


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It would make most sense to have ASN support in core. So I hope it will be considered by the XF team.