Implemented Delete posts on a particular thread or several posts at once


I humbly would like to make a couple of suggestions.
  • I would like to have the option to delete all posts made by a member in a thread, that's now virtually impossible, you have to go and delete one by one. Some people don't want to leave the forum but perhaps they regret what they've said in a particular thread and would like that content to be deleted, I would like very much to have that option since is a request I get every other day. If it does exist, I hadn't t seen it.
  • I would like also to have the option of delete several posts (if not all) from a user that does not wish to abandon the site but rather start from scratch, keeping his nick and registration date. Spam is not an option and it's not designed for this, I've tried it before and it had throw down a dedicated server.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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You can do this already with the search function.

  • Visit a thread
  • Using the quick search, set it to "This thread"
  • Enter the member name (leave the search term blank) and click Search
  • A list of posts that member made now shows. Click on Enable moderation (top right) and select "Post"
  • Using the check boxes that have appeared, select the posts you want to delete, then use the moderation action to delete these posts.
Oh boy. Never woulda occur to me, after so many years using xenforo. Not only is very hidden but the Spanish translation is very poor and it says Publish instead of Posts. I'l sure change that. Thanks soooooo much. This is a great help.