XF 1.5 setup / import vb4 before updating dns or on different domain?


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I want to install xenforo on a new hosting account, import a VB4 forum, and then customize xenforo before changing over the live site's dns.

Can I setup xenforo on a new hosting account and use a local hosts file so the domain points to the new IP for me only as I setup xenforo? And then change over dns once it's all complete?

Or would I be better off using a temporary domain name to setup, import, and configure xenforo and then change the domain name as the last step?


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It's up to you but most people just install XF in a sub-directory of the existing domain (e.g. /xf), perform the import, archive the site installed at the domain root, then move XF to the root.


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Thanks very much, and understood on this being not typical or necessary (only because I'll be upgrading the site to new server hardware anyway around the same timeframe, I might as well use the opportunity to not disturb the existing while optimizing the new forum)