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Is there a way to have a forum node link to a set of sub-forums?

Or... click on a forum node and it open up to a list of sub-forums without the parent being a forum you post threads in?

With vB, we can create forum, then create a child forum under it and close it (no new threads posted)... then create a set of several child forums under it and show up as a list of forums when the grandparent forum on the main forum index is clicked. If that makes sense.

Forum index main forum listing
>> Parent forum - open (clicking on this forum will take you to the 2 grandchild forums)
>>>> Child forum - closed
>>>>>> Grandchild forum 1 - Open
>>>>>> Grandchild forum 2 - Open


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In Xenforo you can add a node that's a link.

In XenForo you can add nodes as forums, that don't show on the forum list.

In your situation I would create a category first (making it basically a closed forum that can't take threads) and set it to not show on the node list. Then add the two grandchild (normal sub forums in xenforo) below it. You can leave them to show I guess, since it inherits.

Finally, add a node that's a link, set it to go to the category. Meaning the page will reload and show the two subforums.

node.link (show in list) : Check out these 2 forums!
node.category (dont show in list) : Just a parent
node.forum (child to category [1])
node.forum (child to category [2])


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Oh by the way, I just tested this, the category as closed forum will only work if you allow for categories to be pages, something I don't use myself. So I used it as a forum node instead of category node. Then just turn off allowing new msgs to be posted in that particular forum. The others should still allow msgs obviously.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 03.28.11.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 03.28.40.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 03.28.30.png


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Hmmm... so it worked for you. My link took me to where the invisible category would normally show on the forum list, but could not get it to take me to the child forums, but you said allow cats to be pages, which I am not following.

Also, I would want to get rid of the section "There are no threads to display" and "(You have insufficient privileges to post here.)" Is there a conditional that can be used for that forum note (or cat page) that will hide it? It looks confusing to some users. It was pretty easy to hide vB conditional stmts, but I don't understand the XF conditionals and there dosen't seem to be a list of them anywhere like vB offered.