XF 1.5 Setting up crontab to work with XF1.5


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I've made a class that I want to have under a scheduled cronjob. I have added a job to the admin panel, when I click run manually I can see the results I expect in the database. I have waited 30 minutes on a cronjob that is sposed to execute on every single minute.

I've not seen any crontab information about crontab setup, so can you please guide me.
On the servers crontab file, I am setting up

* * * * * php /path/to/file.php >> /dev/null 2>&1
Since I have reviewed command line calls for most of the files and was not able to find one that is CLI friendly, thus not able to identify which is the target file for the cronjob my assumption is that the XF cronjob feature is called only when there is an interaction with the website. Am I correct in assuming that?

If that is the case I will have to make a custom CLI interpreter that can deal with my requests but I would like to keep the admin section to manage the jobs, so I hope I am wrong.


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XF doesn't rely on the system cron. Tasks are triggered when the site is accessed as necessary.

If you really need to trigger via the system cron, you'll either need to make something custom or have a cron action that makes a request to deferred.php every minute.


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Thanks, Mike, the deferred call seems to be doing the job for now.
Later when I have a bit more time I will try to review what can optimise and maybe create a single cron entry point, but this works for now.