Looking for front-end developer to work with and implement design agency's concepts


I will be working with a design agency for the next several months and am looking for a front-end developer to partner with both me and them to implement their designs. The design agency isn't familiar with Xenforo (they do a lot of Shopify, Wordpress and other software-based sites), but based on my discussions with other forums and my own understanding, almost anything is possible from a design and customization perspective.

However, we do need a developer to consult with us to guide us as to what is possible and what is not from a design perspective, before going down a long design journey for any given page or pages.

Willing to compensate as appropriate, of course.

I do ask that the developer do a zoom meeting with me and the design agency so we can determine the fit. The agency will be working in sprints - so the developer should be somewhat responsive (and willing to join a Slack channel possibly) to provide guidance and be able to implement on a 1 - 2 week cadence.
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