Setting the searchbar background color

Could someoneone help me out with changing the background color of the searchbar? I was messing around with form.css and that changed all text input areas. I want to change ONLY the searchbar.

thanks in advance !


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If you are talking about input, not background around it, you'll need to customize #QuickSearchQuery. It uses default input style, you'll need to create new rules for it.


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Ether search_bar.css or extra.css.

It is safest to add all your changes to extra.css instead of editing other .css templates. When you'll be updating forum other templates will be overwritten, but extra.css won't be touched.
for some reason it's still not showing correctly. I just went ahead and manually set the other input areas back to "normal" individually instead. Wasn't too bad as I customized each a bit anyway.