MG 2.2 Setting MG Image display size


I would like to make the images displayed in the gallery/album pages larger. I have looked everywhere, and only came up with this, which is not an answer for me!

Where does one go to change the height & width of images displayed in the XFMG franchise?
Sorry to have taken so long to follow up on this--I was facing an April 1 site launch, and then dealing with what happens when people show up to a new community... o_O

No, I have gotten the thumbnails (especially on the album index page) to cooperate as above in my initial config.

I am talking about how images are displayed once someone has clicked on a thumbnail. In the screenshot below, you will see that the member has uploaded a large-size image. Unlike in XF forum nodes, no image of any size seems to bring up a lightbox overlay that enlarges and enables magnification of the image.

Is this possible? It seems I remember an overlay that no longer appears...

no lightbox.png
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