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If this is in the wrong section sorry, seemed like the right place.

Anyways have a large VB 1 million posts and we are going to be moving to Xenforo. What I would like to do is get everything in place first before doing the actual Import. Basically I want to have the forum installed, styled and modification we are going to use in place. Then I'll do the import.

So what's the best way to do this how should I install the files on my server, what should I name the directory ect. Our current forums are in the directory /forums and once we switch I'll move all the files there.

Seems like this is a simple question, but I'm pretty bad at all this stuff and tend to break things so want to cover all my bases before I start.
Just be sure to take a backup before running the import so you can revert back in the case of multiple test runs or a production run. You want to avoid running the same import multiple times on the same database because you will get duplicate content.

The install location can be anything as long as it's separate from your vB forum. It is easily changed later.
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