Price req for Server set up with Direct Admin


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I have a dedicated server in LA that currently has 2 Invision forum sites and a CS Cart shopping cart site:

It uses Centos and nginx but no control panel or email services. I also use Cloudfare for domains and Amazon Web services for email. This server was set up for me as I have limited server management experience having always used cPanel. However I have a need to do basic things myself like I did when I used cPanel.

What I need is for someone to back up my sites off the server, my hosting company will then reinstall standard centos and Direct Admin (Direct Admin is free for me), then set up the server without nginx but with all the extra things that are needed, hardening, elasticsearch, php modules etc like the server is now, set up email so I don't need AWS any more, no nginx and put my sites back on and make sure they are working and back online.

I basically want my server with Centos, Direct Admin and email all set up but NOT use nginx or AWS any more.

Is anyone interested and if so let me know an approx cost...thanks


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Your setup sounds good as it is, AWS SES works whereas delivering emails by your server depends on its IP reputation (maybe also it’s IP “neighbors”).

As to deliver your webpages you need a web server: the panels use either nginx or Apache.