Server in USA, Server in Russia?


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Somehow I have the idea, it could be a good idea to have a backup server somewhere far away from Europe.
But where? And which one? Which hoster in USA and/or Russia or somewhere else?

I have ordered a small webspace at 1&1 in Germany; but it is the time not worth using it;
an upload of a more or less empty forum needs around 3.5 hours!

I don't want to make the same mistake a second time, booking such a crap service in another country.

Any suggestions where to book a small managed server, without any strange limits, issues, problems?
Hetzner - Germany
Hetzner also offers VPS instances based in the U.S. and in Finland.
My site is currently running on one out of Virginia, but they also offer installations in Oregon. The U.S. offerings are based on the AMD chipset.
You could use Cloudflare's R2 service to store files and bandwidth uploading/downloading them is only going to be limited by the bandwidth you have available (I promise they have far more available bandwidth than you do).

The first 10GB are free and it's $0.015 per GB per month after that. So for example, it would cost $0.60 per month for them to store 50GB for you.
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