XF 1.5 Server error, site down.



I have been running a 1.5 XF site for a few years. Pretty much unchanged. I was just about to do a 2.0 upgrade, and my site has gone down.a few months before the site whet down, a ton of accounts were created with russian IP's.

the site now says:

A server error occurred. Please try again later.

and it looks like everything was un-installed or deleted. I have done a sever backup. no change..

Could anybody help? or offer a service to resolve this? I am unfamiliar with this, and I can not even login to the admin portion.. I fear it may be gone. It has been a few months, and I feel the damage is done.. users are leaving fast.



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Downgrade to PHP 7.0 and that should get the site working again.

Then you can upgrade to XF 2.2 and then upgrade PHP to 7.3/4.