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XF 1.4 server error max connection

I just find ou today, got the error message log - here is the screeshot...
any idea what is that mean and how to go about this?

thanks for any help server-error-log-maz0connection.jpg


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Apparently you are using more connections to the mysql server than are allowed. Details about your hosting would be relevant. Is it your own server that you can modify the my.cnf on or is it some shared hosting you rent for cheap and have no control over?
@rainmotorsports thanks for your info, I will check about the hosting.
It is indeed shared hosting but it is 'not too cheap' :p, as I just started do not expect too much member as the forum kind of specific to some community.

Do you have any idea what will be affected by this kind of error? or how this can happen? I'm sure the forum is not even have more than 2o member visit a day... mmm just curious


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Well you have to remember that guests and bots such as google are going to generate activity on the server. I am no expert but even with thousands of web server connections and hundreds of users I only observe around 100 actual mysql connections at the most. But the limit on a shared host may be less than that and in fact that many connections is probably not needed for a small site. But it is something to look into.

Basically this error was returned by the mysql server and is directly related to the max connections. However if the number of connections is abnormal for the site the cause may need to be found.