XF 1.5 serious problem restoring database



i get problem with my website and im trying to restore my database i receive backup from ovh.com and im trying to import to my phpmyadmin page i splint the file backup to 6 parts
but the second part i get this error please i need to figure out this problem or i will lose my website please i need help please someone help me

this is the error i get

SQL query:

INSERT INTO `xf_data_registry` VALUES ('BRASS_rebuildTemplate','b:0;'),('addOns','a:34:{s:23:\"AVForums_AutoLinkTitles\";i:1000970;s:17:\"BLProfileVisitors\";i:1;s:10:\"BestAnswer\";i:20;s:17:\"*******ThreadIcon\";i:1030000;s:22:\"*******_HideAttachment\";i:1020600;s:24:\"*******_ResourceDownload\";i:1000000;s:5:\"CtaFt\";i:2160070;s:6:\"DevKit\";i:1;s:23:\"Hide_contents_of_bbcode\";i:1;s:6:\"ITD_AI\";i:1350;s:10:\"MoreThread\";i:1000100;s:18:\"OnlineStatusRibbon\";i:145;s:10:\"PostRating\";i:33;s:19:\"Reversed_words_xFAr\";i:1428513707;s:14:\"SSD_threadinfo\";i:1002;s:15:\"UnreadPostCount\";i:1020070;s:23:\"Waindigo_LastPostAvatar\";i:1373139139;s:12:\"WaterMarkAdd\";i:3;s:12:\"WeeklyDigest\";i:1;s:19:\"XPRenameAttachments\";i:1;s:7:\"XenCore\";i:2;s:11:\"XenResource\";i:1020170;s:13:\"adctaftwidget\";i:1000171;s:23:\"keywords_xenForo_arabic\";i:0;s:17:\"kl_password_tools\";i:8;s:12:\"liam_allrich\";i:10100;s:18:\"nobita_AvatarAlive\";i:10000710;s:23:\"nobita_ThreadtoResource\";i:7;s:[...]

MySQL said: Documentation

#1062 - Duplicate entry 'addOns' for key 'PRIMARY'

please help urgent :(
I think this is caused from an add on. Because I see many names mentioned there that are not part of xenforo. Can you delete the addOns field from the xf_data_registry? Because it looks like it is already in the database, and when you try to restore the backup copy, it tries to add it again. And that is why is spitting out that error.
Are you familiar with setting up a new user and giving them sudo priv's? If so, start a convo with me and I can either import your full one into the DB or export - not sure what exactly you are needing.
good morning,
i call today ovh and they said we cant restore your database, they can only give me restore file and i import in phpmyadmin nothing more.
i think i need help with someone here
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