XF 2.0 SEO SiteMap Generation


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We just graduated from VB/VBSEO to VB/DBSEO to Xenforo 2.

Trying to find where you change the limits on what to generate, where the emails go once submitted, etc.

Where are all of the settings for the sitemap generator, all I can find so far is this



Thank you.


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We have not received sitemap generation report since moving to Xenforo, not seeing Google indexing anything for us since then either.

Can we please get a little help in getting this setup correctly? :)

Thank you.

Chris D

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That's all of the options. FWIW, we do try not to spread options for the same thing across multiple pages, so usually when you've found "all you can find" that's often all there is.

I'm not sure what you're referring to by "sitemap generation report". Are you expecting to be contacted by email when the sitemap is generated? We don't do that, it just happens automatically every other day.

You can view your sitemap by adding "sitemap.xml" to your forum URL.

You may need to submit your sitemap URL to Google in the first instance, which can be done using their webmaster tools.

In terms of limits on what is generated/included, in your screenshot you can exclude certain content types from appearing in the sitemap.


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Ok, thanks.

This gives me what I need to move forward with one of our developers.

Thought I could figure it out myself, thanks for your help. :)