SEO impact for hiding titlebar?


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Due to my custom style I need to hide the h1 titlebar in the forum index only. Obviously h1 tags are important since they are considered to be like titles of books to search bots (and who would buy a book if the title is missing?). My concern is that google may not like it. I know that search bots see the forum naked without css and javascript, so they wouldn't be a difference if the title is hidden or not, right? But I read somewhere that google actually can see if something is hidden with css and doesn't like it. Granted it was related to hidden links and not raw text.

Perhaps the google engineerers think if a site owner hides text with css, he doesn't want search bots to pick it up because something that is hidden can't possibly be something important. And thus the engineeres program their bots to ignore hidden content or lower the significance of such content.

Can anyone tell that hiding titles doesn't make a difference in SEO?