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I have a website that has a wordpress front end with a seperate xF forum. The forum is used normally (there is no bridge) and occasionally I post articles in WP with links to discuss them further in the forum,

I use a sitemap generation tool for the wordpress installation but the forum content is of course not included in the sitemap. Does this mean the search engines will only trawl what is in my sitemap thereby only indexing the WP stuff.

Is there a way for an idiot to generate a site map that included WP and xF content. Thanks

Jake Bunce

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Sitemaps can help search engines to find all pages on your site. I don't know how much it helps. I have never had any problems with search engines not automatically finding and indexing my forum pages.

A quick Google search reveals several free sitemap services. Maybe some one else can recommend a specific service as I have never used any of them.


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Try to link your content from the forum to your WP installation ... post an article which deep link into the forum.... Spiders will follow ;)


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There is no xf+wp sitemap generator currently. Like you, i have the sitemap for WP and another one generated by the free vb plugin from vBSEO.

Obviously, I would love to have a sitemap generator in XF.