Sending Periodical Newsletters or Digests to Members

Neutral Singh

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I know there is one promising newsletter/digest system under construction by netkingZ but i would like to ask medium/big board admins, which third party scripts they are using to send periodical newsletters or digest to their members... Thanks
I'm also interested in hearing about any email digest scripts that admins are using. NetkingZ's XenDigest doesn't work for me. What I need is something to gather the instant notification emails into a daily or weekly digest.

Anyone out there with a working script or add-on?

So I'm using the Monthly "Whats New" Email Add-on, and honestly it's working a little bit to bring people back to the site, but it's very simple. If you want a demo of this just go register at Toyota Truck Club and wait for Monday morning to roll around ... I'll attach a screenshot here of the last one that I got.

I just looked around a bit more and it looks like there is a new add-on for this that's a paid-app ... and honestly if it can automate the whole process, then it's worth the $40. That's
xenDigest and looks like it just came out, but I'm going to take a look into it more.
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