XF 1.3 Sending email to selected groups


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if I understood this correctly, from Admin Panel I'm able to send emails to all groups or single usergroup, when we talk about primary membership?

Additionally, I can exclude groups, but there is no way to send email to users of groups 2,10 and 12 for example? Again, I'm talking about primary membership.

Wouldn't be better to give us checkboxes instead of drop-down menu here?


Adam Howard

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I've been informed (at one time) in the past that the menu is designed to reflect the permission settings and that there is no "real" reason to have more than one primary group and that all groups should be secondary, as explained here.

Essentially it's designed as a trickle down effect. Although perhaps like yourself, that's never worked for me (I believe @MattW who recently worked in my site found that out).

I do agree that checked boxes would be better. So this would be nice to add to the suggestion forum located here.