XF 1.3 Send Notifications - Watched Node

Sorry the title should read - Send Notifications - Watched Node

We a bit unsure how the Watched Node notification should work. This is the way we understand it
  • New Threads - A notification when a new thread is started in that node.
  • New Messages - A notification when there is a reply to a thread in that node but not when a new thread is started.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
I think you're talking about the Watched Forum feature.

With the New Messages option, you will get notified when a new thread is created. After all, a thread does indeed contain a new message (the first post).
Yes that is true but we have a number of RSS forum feeds and we would have liked these to only send out a notification if a reply was made to any of the threads posted by the feed. Sort of showing that another member found something interesting in that thread enough to comment on it. However it does not seem the watched forum option actually works like that having both option that seem to do the same really