Selling/Transferring XF License.

I am not sure from what I have read if this is possible, lot of confusing threads and even the agreement is confusing to me.

I will be closing down my web site in a couple of days, due to some personal medical issues that have come up.

From what I have read its possible to do this or not I dunno the wording isn't all that clear and I'm really medicated so forgive me if this has been talked about before, but I do have a license that I won't be using anymore since I am in the process of taking down my web site(s) and I really don't want the license to go to waste considering I just got it a few days ago as an upgrade from previous software however due to medical reasons (long story).

Let me know either way, just kinda bad news day here.


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I think these are the only 2 considerations:

You can only transfer a license once (i.e. you can't transfer a license you bought from someone else)
The license has to be older than a certain time (I think 4 months but check the agreement)


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Licenses are eligible to be transferred 120 days after the purchase, must be active and not have been transferred previously.