Sell addons and updates?

Thank you a lot. I could not remember the name, but I have bought it a long time ago.

[TC] Paid Resources
[OzzModz] XFRM: Purchasable Resources
XR Product Manager
[XFA] RM Marketplace/Shop

Not tested
GitHub - luutruong/XF2_XFRMCustomized: A collection to make XenForo Resource M

So let's see, if i have some bucks for an upgrade, then I can test this one also.
Currently I like most the PM, but I miss some smaller things.
So, I have started a small add-on to add, what I want.

You may have any ideas, what could be added to this add-on?
Then you may write my a PM to @Robert9 , please.
There is also Dragonbyte Ecommerce.

I heavily use this myself (and have contributed code to it) and it gets my vote.

I heavily use this myself (and have contributed code to it) and it gets my vote.
I'm not a fan of DragonByte add-ons because of other reasons... but it seems that it will suffice for the need at hand.
It is not an add-on that due to philosophical differences that I would use. It i an area that I will NOT go into. Suffice to say, because of certain historical issues I will not use their add-ons nor recommend them.
Smaller ones, add payment
[TC] Paid Resources
[OzzModz] XFRM: Purchasable Resources

Lightweight add renewal
XR Product Manager

Big ones with a lot of extra functions

[XFA] RM Marketplace/Shop (let users sell, commission for admin)
DragonByte eCommerce (try to have every function, probably can cook coffee as well?

Not tested
GitHub - luutruong/XF2_XFRMCustomized: A collection to make XenForo Resource M

And soon:
Some extensions for XR Product Manager :)
Any ideas what should be added are welcome => @Robert9
While I have to extend the XRPM, I have time to think about small issues.
When buying a product, I have a field "Coupon code".

Let's be hopeful and say, that 1000 people want to buy whatever.
How many of them will stop the purchase to search for a coupon?
How many will not come back?

1, 10, 50?

What do you think?

Is it a good idea to show "coupon code", when there is coupon code at all?
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My choice for now is the XRPM because it is more lightweight and a better base to change it for me needs.

I have done two add-ons for the XRPM now.

1. Changes the behaviour of the tabs. If there are no purchases or updates, I don't want to see the tabs at all.
Maybe it is better to show them, but without a link. But for now, I just don't show them if there is no content.

2. The second add-on for the XPRM adds:
  • I don't need terms, it is 2023 and really fewer people read them. Instead of this, I have added attachments to the field and use it as docs how to use the add-on.
  • I have added threads and the usual wrapper, now my products have their own thread and tabs to jump from products to thread and back.

Next thing to come?
I am not certain. I see that the count of add-ons I want to do now will grow. But I don't like to use categories. Instead of this, I aim to have tags, if I can have them in a cloud only here in this part of the page.

Or prefixes? But then I need to extend them to use the Multi-Prefixes because one prefix is not enough, when add-ons should have keywords like: "register, user, multi-language" or "account upgrade, multi-language".

Maybe tags are the better thing, because of long words like "multi-language" ... I will have another coffee and start with the tags now.

My page is under construction, but if you want to see it, you can send me a pm.
One more thing I dont like with the XRPM.

We have three parts on the product page:

  • short infos
  • feature summary
  • product description

If you don't start to work with tables inside the main text, you will have just too much space on the site, it does not look really nice.
From this point of view, the way of the RM is better to put these infos in a second column.

Or ...

someone has some nice ideas how to make a two-column text inside the text-field without using tables?

Here, I have set the width of the article to max-width: 650px;
but the problem is that I want to have this only for text, but not for the lines.

Maybe I will add the second column like in the RM, and move the two upper fields to the usual place.

Maybe there are one or two people, who want to talk about another solution?
Dragonbyte - maybe wonderful, but a big story.
RM, well known, but needs an extra add-on, has almost everything, but searchable fields (without another add-on)
PM, a little bit old-fashioned, missing one or two things.

And so, I think about having something small, something like the PM, but without coupons and extras,
but with watch and a second field with attachments. (You can see the PM with that on my page.

I use the Terms here as Docs with attachments:

I have also added a discussion because I think this is a significant thing to talk about an add-on.
Watch is needed because people want/should know if there are upgrades.

But maybe it would be better to have a modification to the thread watch to send an info when a product is upgraded.
But then we don't have watch a cat!

I have to do one or two smaller things in the next days, then I can start a smaller version of the PM with the things I want to have added.
If you have any ideas for that, let me know, please.
I would also like to hear some opinions about watching.

From my point of view, less is more.
watch thread, watch product, watch cat, watch some cats.
There must be a better solution?

Same to prefix and tags; I want to have local tags as the smaller sister of cats, and more than this it is like the smaller sister of multi-cats.
Maybe I will try to add a bitfield with 16 characteristics? Like user, usergroup, register, threads, forums, rm, pm ... or just a textfield to search with like %text%?
Another question is: What to do on the docs page?
I don't like this 100% width, that's why i have added the second column here:

There is an add-on for all these things, but it is not finished, there are still some parts to test.
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