Sell addons and updates?


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I am wondering what I would need to sell add-ons and updates.
The RM is installed, OK. Paypal and stripe are added. Ok.

And now? There are

[TC] Paid Resources

Is there anything else?

The scenario is:

1) Sell one or two add-ons I have done; nobody else will add any resources
2) There will be different versions
3) Maybe you have to renew a license, maybe not
4) Maybe you have to tell your domain connected a license, maybe not

Do I need any add-on for this? Is there anything special with these add-ons, I really want to have?
Maybe I was wrong and I can't sell anything with the RM alone?
I don't find anything to add prices now.
OK, then I have my answer. I need another add-on. :)
Ok, it seems ...

that RM cant sell anything.

[TC] Paid Resources
[OzzModz] XFRM: Purchasable Resources

you can sell a download; with the RM you can add new versions.
Users can (pay) and download these versions.

There is no time restriction; to sell a new version, you have to add a new resource.

Next try will be [XFA] RM Marketplace/Shop - XF2 as long my old version is still working, what I will try in a minute.
Are you trying to sell other people's products?

You have bought many add-ons so surely you're not asking about that?
I will offer my second add-on in some days, you can come and buy it in my shop when I am finished with everything.
More infos you will find here soon.
Are you actually wanting a MARKETPLACE instead of a resource manager? They aren't the same thing.
For simple add-ons, then the RM should suffice fully. If wanting to sell other products, it's not really designed for that.
I have used any types of Xenforo shops maybe 1000 times, but today it is the first time to find out what I need and can do with these add-ons.

If there is a wonderful review here about all of this, I really would be happy to read it and have all the needed infos in one place.

As long, I don't have it, I have to do research for myself, and maybe another newbie can need my infos.

Conclusion until now:

For selling add-ons, use the two smaller add-ons mentioned above.
For selling add-ons with renew, use the XFA shop

The one from githup I have not watched, while I think about using one of the smaller ones together with some changes I want to have.
There is a difference between a shop/commerce add-on and the Resource Manager.
For an example of how the resource add-on is used, you can look here or at my site. There IS the option of paying for an add-on... now, paying for an "upgrade" is dependent upon that add-ons support site. The Resource Manager not really designed for that, more for the initial resource purchase itself, then upgrades via the site - and those upgrades are usually done by a bespoke (or sometimes third party) solution on THAT site.

As an example (and no, I have NOT used it)
This allows even for the purchase/selling of upgrades apparently, which is what you desire?
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Thank you very much. My question is/was:

Which software is needed to sell add-ons

Just sell without renewing
[TC] Paid Resources
[OzzModz] XFRM: Purchasable Resources

Sell with renew
[XFA] RM Marketplace/Shop

Other options like:
users can sell + commission for the forum + add usergroup
[XFA] RM Marketplace/Shop

Not tested

Currently, I don't care about selling anything else; so I don't care for the other shops
from XFA, Niftyfifty and maybe two or three more, i don't remember the names now.

In some days, I will know what I will use, probably one of the smaller ones plus one or two changes for me needs.
To SELL add-ons.. the RM is just fine.
To process "updates/renewals", it is not in it's basic state... I think that's the issue you are having.
The base RM cannot adequately handle upgrade purchases... so you are going to have to extend it. From my looking, the one I pointed to seems to be the most likely to handle original purchase, the purchase of extensions, or a combo of those.

YOU have to decide what exactly you want to do, now and in the future, and THEN decide which of those fit the bill.
To SELL add-ons.. the RM is just fine.

But the RM can do nothing without an add-on?!
I see only the option to sell extern, but no option to use paypal/stripe without installing one of the mentioned add-ons, right?
As far as I can tell the RM cannot handle payment processing and therefore cannot sell an addon.

You can list paid addons, but not "sell" them directly.
As far as I can tell the RM cannot handle payment processing and therefore cannot sell an addon.

You can list paid addons, but not "sell" them directly.

Correct, so an addon is needed to sell directly.
To sell directly.. an extension or an add-on is needed. You can refer to an external URL to purchase (like a WordPress store or such), but direct sells from RM is not supported.
Ok, back to the goal:
Find something to use the RM to sell add-ons directly on the page with the typical payment providers added to XF.

Is there anything else than the four solutions I have mentioned above?
And because the most shops have renewal, it means they have their own solution or use all the add-on from XFA.
Not all sites use XFA... some use bespoke add-ons.
For what you are needing.. .the most likely candidate (if you need renewals) is the one I linked to... and I have no association to them and do NOT use their add-on since I don't sell a product
Try this one by @Chris D
I think its the most used solution.
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