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I was wondering if there is an easy way to add featured pics from the media gallery into a block on the forum home page.

I used to use Photopost on my old vBulletin site and there was a simple template modification that allowed this feature to be added pretty easily.

Now that we've moved to xenForo, I was wondering how we could recreate this feature once again. If possible, I'd like to add the block of random pics above the forum topic list.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.



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If you have XFMG installed, it's a stock widget. ACP => Appearance => Widgets

Add a new "XFMG: Media Slider" widget and one of the options will be "Display Order" where you can select 'random' so that it shows random thumbnails from the XFMG media gallery. For the location choose "Forum list: Above nodes".



So I managed to get the widget working, but it seemingly will only show as a small box. I've tried various settings and the results seem to be same.

How do I get the panel to show 4 or 5 random pics that are a little larger in size. I've included a screen shot of what it's doing.



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I ran across the same thing this week. You basically want to go into Appearances, go to Widgets, then click on the xfmg_media_slider to pull up it's options. Scroll down and you can change the Number of Media Items displayed. The smaller the # the larger they are displayed.

Here are two screen shots.