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I am trying to figure out a way to show links back to the manufacture of the UTV that my forum is based on. They are speedutv.com and I am speedutv.net

I was thinking maybe a box on the top or side of the home page I could write a title in and then have clickable links to the OEMs order and accessory page.

Is there an add-on someone could recommend, not great at coding (but I did start an online course).

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Okay, I will give it a try, is there a way to see if it's working and how it would look without users seeing until I was ready?

Thanks for the quick reply, still can't get over how good the support is for this platform.
Add this to the display condition field: $xf.visitor.user_id == 1.

Change the ID to match your user account.
Thanks, @Brogan that is a little out of my skill level right now but I'm trying to learn as fast as possible. I'm still going to try the HTML widget right now, the users will just have to see it go up and down until I get it right. Any add-on you can recommend?

Thanks for your patients with me...
Use an html widget.
what is a html widget?

there is one in the list of widgets but when I ADD it there is a complicated page with all kinds of parameters that mean nothing to me.
IMO it should be simple to add a link to the home page.

I have a simple task: a link to a specific forum post on the home page - I have tried URL but it just displays this verbatim.
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