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Implemented see quote via button - hover or click

Discussion in 'Closed Suggestions' started by abbason, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. abbason

    abbason New Member

    Sometimes members like to quote each other when replying and some seem to qote each other's looong posts. This is rather distracting and annoying to the reader of the thread - as well as making the page drag on with no new content.
    Is there a remedial way that by using a button, instead of or as an option (which moderators can override) to posting the full or part quote in a reply?

    For example:
    member Bill quotes member Ben who writes long posts.
    Bill adds Ben's long post to his reply.
    Ben then quotes Bill, who also likes to write long-winded posts and proceeds to add the quote to his reply.
    This goes on and on, back and forth.
    Visiting members who read the thread and are actually interested in the subject matter must scroll through long and needless quote-filled replies and try to find the latest actual reply content.
    Moderators also must scroll away to check content.
    IF using a mobile, this is not a simple case of using the mouse to scroll faster!

    The Recommendation/Request:
    A way to both limit the quote content being posted in replies and also a button like SEE QUOTE that readers can either click or hover over in order to read the quote if desired.
    I like the Button idea best and if used in conjunction with a limited quote visible, would grant some quote being seen but also make the thread and forum more pleasant to view and read through.
    A Mod tool to over-ride/edit and implement this would be useful, too.

    I envisage an option when quoting to show only part of the quote which results in the Button appearing with the resulting reply next to the quoted passage. Again, readers can hover over or click on said button and view the full quote.

    Thank you in advance for all help and also please accept my apologies if this has been covered here in the forums and feel free to both tell me and move/merge this thread.

    Bless you
  2. Martok

    Martok Well-Known Member

    As you will see from the above which quotes your whole post, the quote box only shows the first few lines and then you have to click to expand it to see the whole quoted message.

    Members can of course quote just selected parts of a post by highlighting the required text and using the pop-up Quote or Reply option that appears. This is a feature that was added to XenForo 1.4 and details are here:

  3. abbason

    abbason New Member

    Thank you, @Martok I am looking at videos now.
    Will let you know how things go,
    thanks again, muchly!
  4. abbason

    abbason New Member

    ahhh, yes....
    now to educate the masses,
    thanks again

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