Server issue  Security Error

A am now recieving a error when attempting to change style properties to Message Elements , and most likely other areas as well. This started as soon as I updated to beta 5, i have tested on live and dev forum.



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Do you have any add-ons installed?

Are you working on two different installations on the same domain and swapping between the two or leaving the page open for a period of time without any activity?
This error can be related to a stale security token.
Well, they are on the same domain. The dev forum has only one add-on witch is disabled. I have not logged into it for a few days until i noticed i was unable to make changes to style properties today. I logged out of my session and logged back in, and i still received the same message. The I was only on the screen for 10 seconds then saved, thats when the error appeared. I tried multiple browsers, and the error still comes up.
Well, it looks like it is enabled. I just don't understand why it was working and now its not. I tried disabling it via htaccess , but i received an error, I guess i will contact my host to see if they can disable.


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Suhosin limits based on the number of form fields, so completely innocuous changes will trigger it. Unfortunately, there's nothing that can be done within XF to prevent it (as it breaks before our code executes).