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Online scams seem to be at an all time high. These scammers have some similar traits and we keep a log of people we want to keep an eye on however it is impossible to remember everyone on the list and it would be nice to be able to assign the user a secret badge that only staff can see as to not alienate someone in open forum if our suspicions turn out to be untrue.

Either a badge or something flashing by their username that only staff can view would be perfect.

I'm aware that I put them in a different usergroup and require all posts to go into moderation for approval, but my forum is too large and a lot of work as it is.

Maybe this add-on has already been made but in my searching and viewing around I did not see something like this.

Thoughts and recommendations welcome, please.


edit: Thank you for taking the time to post this add-on and try to help.

I like a lot of the options this has and it might serve useful if I can find a way to implement it efficiently, but I run 20K unique users per week on a global scale and there is no easy mechanism for verifying each person who requests it.

I'm hoping to have something that only staff can see (other than a hidden profile note) so that when a user posts in a thread it is very obvious to us that he/she is on our watch list without that person realizing we "tagged" them.
You could do this with the addon. Just don’t allow the users the ability to request the badge.

The users you want to watch, assign them the badge, and then allow staff the ability to see the badge.

This is what I do for users I want to be aware of.
Ok, for some reason I was missing that in the info they gave. This is exactly what I need. I like the other options too if I can find a way to utilize it efficiently. Thank you very much for the help!
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