second poster's avatar as the thread icon?


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We have a Q&A feature on our forum where anonymous questioners have their questions answered by established experts in our tiny community. In the thread listing, we'd like to have the expert's avatar show rather than the default "Guest" avatar that we see so often now. In other words, we'd like to have the thread icon in the thread listing be the second poster's avatar rather than the original poster's avatar.

Does anyone have any suggestions for accomplishing this? We don't have money, so we may be out of luck, but I thought I would try asking if anyone knows of any existing addons (or if someone might be willing to code one for fun*). *not saying that you're obligated to do it without being paid; just saying that I can't do pay market rates.

Here's what it looks like now: many default avatars in the thread listing. These could be the avatars/photos of our expert panel, though!

Here's what a typical thread looks like. Notice the expert is the second poster. He has a great avatar that will increase engagement. We want to use it!