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I would like to know, if there are any plans to order all the different links in the second and "third" navi.


Main tab: forum
Link "New posts" => new page, main tab: forum
I think: Hey, this is something for the news, isnt it? I click on Main Tab: "What's new"
Oha, again i see: "New posts" => click => Ups, back to main tab: "Forums". Oha.

Next try: Find threads

Oha, a third navi with: Your threads, Threads with your post, Unanswered, Watched threads
I dont have any unanswered threads (ok, i can change my template), but then i click on "watched threads"
ups, now the third navi is away! To reach:
i need to click on the second navi "Watched" => "watched forums"

Lets try members, oha, here i know another problem. I dont want people to see the main tab members page, but i want to view the profiles. Why non registered people should do a search?!
Any robots around who can do 1 millions searches in a second? I dont know! But, yes, the profiles maybe should be in Google's index (if i have content there)

Lets jump back to "Whats New", funny story for normal people, one click and ups, i am somewhere else. Whats normal for us, a lot of people will not understand - that "What's new" is somehow its own tab for News feed and Latest activity, but for the rest it is only a place to jump to somewhere else.

Finally i have never touched all this, because the most of my visitors probably will not use all these links. Else they would ask me, why i have such a confusing forest of links jumping around like crazy.

Just for fun, i have now edited a clean forum and it is almost possible ... hurray ... i still have most of the links and all of them are now at one place beneath their main tab.

The only thing that is still a rocket launcher place is the search. Maybe i will try to bring the "whats new" next to the search. Then i have tabs with second navi, user, post, alarms and two virtual containers to jump around with both with a third navi, but one in blue (search) and one not (new).

Maybe i will loose the "whats new" at all, because i cant use it with the second navi, but with the third navi as said before, and again people would ask me, why there is such a confusing forest of links here, but anyway they dont use it, i guess.

I dont have a better order for all of this, but i understand that "normal" people dont like all of this and just dont use it. They come one time in a week and have no energy to remember all the different places and quirks to come from a to b.

And maybe, only maybe, this is a reason why some things are just not used, because it takes to long time to remember where i can find it.

Just some ideas while jumping around. I dont like the stupid apps like tinder (without any search to get rid of "chinese bitcoins" or "spam for insta", but this is what young people learn to use.)

Click an icon, whipe, whipe, hurray, send a smilie.

If i compare this to the link-jungle of my xenforo, i maybe have an idea why they dont love it so much than i do.
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It's not clear what the actual suggestion is but you can set the navigation up on your own site to suit your needs.
I dont have a better order for all of this, but i understand that "normal" people dont like this and just dont use it. (* it means some of the offered features)

For myself i maybe understand what the people of xf have thought, when creating that. And while is done for people who have own forums, it is ok, because most or a least a lot of people will be ok with that.

But normal people, i repeat myself, will just not use some of the functions, because it is not consistent.

It is somehow like a wild forest. You maybe walk around and you maybe find one or two or three or four ways to the one of the bus-stations around. But it is not like a clean city with signs to find all the nice places around.

Maybe some people with more brain than me can have a hard brainstorming one day in future which of the links could be placed somehwere else to have a more logical system. Another part i have not mentioned btw. is here:

Just the first link in the navi will stop people to care for the opportunities here. Just believe it and let 100 people click this link. They will click on the first link in the navi on the left and will see their profile and not the links anymore. x percent will stop now, and maybe x+y percent with y > 0 if they are women.

And funny, i never have thought about just to delete this first link, so i will do now.

And is the same like

but "Account" is not clickable in the overlay, because it is only a tab from two with "Bookmarks". But the normal reaction (also for me), is to click on "Account" or "Bookmark" waiting that a page will open.
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I agree with you on one thing (if I understood correctly ...) is that when you click on the link to your threads, there is a very practical tabbed navigation but as soon as you click on watched threads in this navigation bar it disappears and that is very disorienting !

But don't bother to present this as a bug because the usual answer will fall like a cleaver: as designed :rolleyes:
Just take some "normal" people and let them explore your forum.
And then think about your own forum.

Here on we have an example for a forum that i personally have to use.
It doesnt matter if i like it, love it or dont like some small things, i have to be here.

But think about about some other types of forums, maybe a forum where people just talk about the world, society, politics.
There are so many other forms of communities, why i should stay in a "product", that makes my life complicated?

Someone maybe will ask him- or herself:
Why i should stay in a virtual place, where i feel stupid, where i dont understand the way to go?

From my point of view, especially in my country, the education of people goes down like crazy, also the time they can focus themselves to anything.
Watch what they like to use! Watch how stupid things are made. Again i use Tinder as an example. For me this is one of the most stupid apps i ever have used.

I cant select the size, the education, the tattoos or metal rings in noses, the color of skin, the nation or the religion. Means i have to wipe and wipe and wipe like a stupid idiot to get rid of all that ladies, that i just dont like or cant have! (As a non moslem for example, my chances to date (and finally marry) a muslima are maybe 5%, maybe less). I have to see all the women without any text, the sugargirls, the japanese ones, who sell bitcoins and gold, and so on ... but this app is used by millions, it seems they like it.

And i am shure that x percent of the users of Tinder will run away, if they should use a forum, because they are just not able to use it without a teacher and/or enough time to explore and get used with it. Every unlucky click will make them not to love it.

Finally this means for me and some scenarios that i maybe have to reduce a xenforo to something more easy. That's why i have explored a clean forum today, that's why i take my time and a language i dont really know to tell you about. And maybe one day someone will say, "yes, sir", we maybe can clean the best forum software a little bit to make forums stronger in competition to the all the "stupid" apps people are used to use around.

Personally i dont see any competition between Xenforo and which other forum-software? But there is a very hard competition with a lot of other forms of communication.
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