XF 2.1 Searching Templates

If this already exists, please excuse me, but I couldn't find a way to do it.

Love being able to search a string and find what templates the string is in. HOWEVER, when I open a template that has 700 lines in it, it would be nice to search within the templates for the string and have it show me the lines where it's located.
Clicking the code area does not bring up the search for me. CTRL+F / CMD+F (I am on a Mac) does not pull up the search feature.
I did as djbaxter had mentioned and had to copy paste my changes into another application I use for coding html.

When clicking in the code area and hitting the find shortcut keys (in chrome, firefox, and safari) it only opens the standard FIND boxes. It does not bring up the search option in the code box.

Safari did allow a 'search' through the standard find command in the browser, but would not find anything below the scrolling margin.

Chrome screenshot below... using cmd+f while in the code area did not work.

Also, all results are highlighted on the first search, so all you should have to do is scroll down the page for other results - although, yeah, in longer templates it can be helpful to jump to them.
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