XF 1.5 Searching question

I have had a few users of mine question how XF does search... if a user is searching threads by a specific member that created a thread that started lets say 5 years ago, yet that thread has recent replies, it can be buried several pages deep in search results because it sorts by thread start and not by latest reply.
Is there a way to change this or maybe a different way to search that would bring back current results before thread start?

Digital Doctor

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Hmmm, I don't have
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You should.

Your users might using the first tab ...
search everything where the search options are very limited. click Search Threads and Posts.

I almost never want to search for anything other than Threads and Posts ... so it kinda sucks you can't use Threads and Posts searching as the default.

Or ... when your search everything results are not good (often is the case) ... if you want to rerun the query with Search threads and posts ... you have to type it in ... AGAIN. :(